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곡 제목 let me hear
작품 명 기생수 op
영상링크 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZm-X-57EA0
MR유무 잘모르겠다
논 크레딧 영상 유무 잘모르겠다.

참고 : https://namu.wiki/w/Let%20Me%20Hear

You guys do not notice that we are gifted just by being humans

We are absolute predators

We do not even have any enemies

Maybe there are other animals watching us

and thinking that someday “we will beat them down”

Oh We have the brains to think hard

Wear our favorite clothes

We are at no doubt human beings

Many small lives

They were born [They were born]

with the fate [with the fate]

of dying for someone A human baby

[for someone A human baby]

When will they find out

[When will they find out the true fact yeah]

that at the point they were born, we are

[we are winners]

(the) winners of Earth

ああ ひとり泣いていた
아아 혼자서 울고 있었던

옆자리의 네가 물어봤어

그래서 우리는 더불어서 살아가

빛날 때까지

For what have I been living for?

When will I find out the answer?

An answer that is only for you

What will myself and (the) first scenery I saw Look like?

It’s my face, my face

Shut up! I read this inside the book I read before [The book I read before]

According (to) Maslow [According (to) Maslow]

There are five steps (in a) human’s desire

To live a long long life to stay safe and to receive [Baby] love from others

To get respect from [Baby] others, To get closer [Yeah]

to your ideal [Yeah]

That’s what it said [Yeah]

No matter how hard other animals try, they probably can’t go over the first step

That is how intelligent we are and, (an animal) filled with greed

But that is probably why we can still live on the top of the food chain

in this blue planet although we have weak bodies

ああ また君の目に
아아 다시 너의 눈동자에

いつもの朝が 映り込む
언제나의 아침이 비치고 있어

流れる 涙が きえてゆく
흘러내리는 눈물이 사라져가

For what to live for

Think deeply as you live yeah

Cuz you humans are (the) only ones that can do this on Earth

새로운 답을

What is it that you want to get in your right hands?

Let me hear

Tell me your new answer

Prove that you are different from monkies

If there is nothing to crave for, humans will die in a way

Don’t you think so too?

Let me hear, Let me hear, Let me hear

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